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In 2006 we were the first company in Sweden to launch a method in which the surface of the tiles are baing treated instead of changing them. We called it IsoTec.
Today we are the first company in Sweden to deliver a complete solution, where we clean, prepare and paint roofs and also install solar cells – SolarTec.

Roofs have a limited life span. This can be extended if you maintain and take care of it.
After a thorough roof inspection we analize whether a roof needs to be changed or if it is possible to mantain the tiles with our IsoTec treatment.

Solar cells have a life span of at least 25 years. This means that the roof under the solar panels must last for at least as long
otherwise a roof overlay will be both complicated and costly.

Our strength lies in the knowledge and experience.
A well thought out planning and a professional work together with qualitative products is the key to our success.

Largest in Sweden on

The roof tiles are treated with our own  Nano-Hybrid paint.


Our unique roofing is a perfect method to regenerate the protective surface of your existing roof tiles.

We work according to our 3-steps method. We start by washing the ceiling with high pressure and clean water – free of chemicals. Then we seal the tiles with a patented product. The tiles are strengthened and provide the best possible efficiency.
Finally, we coat the tiles with 100% pure acrylate, which is water-based and completely environmentally friendly – for the best possible results. We work only with high end products that comes from Germany. Our strength lies in our broad experience, our large working capacity and the quality that comes from well-trained staff.

Do as several thousand other satisfied customers – hire Tectorius AB.

Solar Cells

We want to be your partner in the energy transition and we believe that the journey begins with solar cells.

We are ready when you are ready to take the next step towards a more energy efficient home. We follow the development and offer you the products of the future when they reach the right quality and a reasonable price. Examples of products we will offer are electric car chargers, battery storage, solar cell port and energy control based on your solar production.

We only work with large, well-known brands that provide very long warranties. In this way, you can rest assured that the warranty we promised  really holds. For up to 25 years.

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Are you interested in a roof treatment or solar cells for your roof?
A ceiling treatment renews the protective surface of your roof tiles, which extends the life of your roof. Regain control of your energy costs, save on monthly bills and at the same time make our planet a better place with clean, renewable energy.

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