When your roof has been compromised by moss or algae and it has become matte and colorless, this means that the surface layers of the tiles have been eroded by weather and pollution. Many people think that just cleaning the ceiling is enough. This is completely wrong and is not recommended when it has to deal with the Swedish winter weather. In addition, the problem remains with porous roof tiles. Without the protective surface, the tiles become moist and especially on the north side, the moss begins to grow. The moisture that occurs damages in the long run the underlay membrane and the decking. All of this causes moisture and mold damage that is not covered by home insurance.

We treat your roof with the innovative three-step IsoTec system;

1. Wash the roof tiles deep into the pores.

2. Seal the roof tiles / our unique sealing concentrate unique in Sweden.

3. Coating with 100% acrylate in the desired color. With an IsoTec treatment on your roof you have a 10 year warranty and your roof is as protected as a new one at a much smaller price. A long-term and environmentally friendly choice.

The first step in our roofing treatment is washing.
Here we thoroughly clean the tiles and remove all dirt, algae, moss and seeds that are in the boiler’s surface.
With our special high-pressure machines, we wash off the ceiling with only clean water – completely without chemicals to be considerate with the environment.
Over time, untreated roof tiles absorb moisture and the risk of frost blowing increases.
You are usually discouraged from pace washing – we agree.
It is important not only to perform a stroke wash but to complete with a protective surface to cover the pores in the forehead again.

After a thorough and thorough cleaning of the roof, we begin the sealing of the roof tiles.
The boilers are sealed with our patented, unique sealing concentrate, which together with Meffert AG has developed to be adapted to Nordic weather conditions.
The seal seals the pores in the boiler so moisture cannot penetrate, this leaves a smooth surface and a stronger forehead.
With our sealing method, there is no risk that the end result will be uneven or flamy. This is the basic work for an outstanding end result.

Surface treatment, or “roof painting” as it is commonly called in public, means that you add a new protective surface. The roof gets a fresher and newer color and in the same vein as the roof is painted, a new durable protective surface is created which is extremely environmentally friendly and incredibly weather resistant. Our coating paint Nano-Hybrid has double effect, partly water repellent and it consists of 100% pure acrylic (water-based material) with pure binders and strong pigment. The treatment counteracts the growth of fungi and algae, but mainly prevents the water from being sucked up by the roof tiles and instead beads off from the boilers. Different colors are offered at the desire to change color on the ceiling. The end result provides the same conditions as new roof tiles of high quality.

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OBS! Then colors may not be exactly like in reality. This picture is a courtesy of Smålandsvillan (Villa Tingsryd).

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OUR NEW NanoHybrid-technology

We at Tectorius have our own color. With close cooperation with our color supplier Meffert AG in Germany, we have developed the market’s absolute best color. A 100% pure acrylic paint that is adapted to our Nordic climate. Our color resists from -30 ° cold up to 60 ° heat. Now we can proudly present our new NanoHybrid technology. A technology that connects the water molecules. The color means that rainwater does not remain on the forehead and forms a moisture barrier, but the water beads and flows off. The boiler stays dry much easier, which is good for the roof.

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