About Us

Tectorius AB introduced roof treatment on the Swedish market as the first company in Sweden in 2006.

– ”It was not at all difficult to gain confidence in the market when consumers realized all the benefits of our treatment. The end result will be really neat – if I get to quote our customers – which is also true. The roof is cleaned, sealed with our patented sealing concentrate and coated with a durable and water-repellent 100% pure acrylate. The most important thing about a property is that the roof is well protected, ”says Demirel.

The method of treating roofs has been developed in Germany and Europe for more than 40 years and consists of three steps in the treatment process.

– ”Our customers should know that they can turn to us and take advantage of our expertise and knowledge without having to cost it.
Therefore, our inspection, advice and consultation are completely free of charge. But what we value most is that we can deliver the very best possible results with our high quality products. It is a security for both us and the customer, ”says Ninos Özmen Patto, who is production manager at the company.


We had a vision of establishing a new culture in Sweden where you renew their ceilings instead of changing them. Today, not only private homeowners have gained confidence in the method but also large property owners and the public sector.

Our Suppliers

That’s why we are the best: Quality of a roofing treatment depends on 2 things:

Material: There, Tectorius has the market’s best material from Germany. See Meffert.
Execution: All our staff are trained in Germany where roof painting is a profession.
General Agent:


Meffert AG Farbewerke was founded in 1947 and is today a leader in Germany in color production but mainly roof painting acrylic. Meffert has a patent for sealing concentrates for concrete boilers. The high quality of the roof color means that our quality strikes all other products on the market.

Environment and quality

Tectorius’s philosophy is to focus on quality and put the customer first. Through our continuous quality assurance and development work, we can optimize and improve our operations. Tectorius takes total responsibility and implements roofing at a fixed price according to the established schedule. Tectorius AB stands as a turnkey contractor for the contract relating to BAS-P and BAS-U and is implemented according to the regulations according to ABT06.Tectorius has carried out a number of highly appreciated and successful IsoTec treatments in housing associations with terraced houses and villas. and environmental work, which is fundamental and guiding in our production.Our basic idea is to be able to repair and seal its roof without having to install the existing roof. Instead of manufacturing several tons of new roof tiles, we look to renew the existing ones instead. The same principle applies to low-sloping cardboard roofs. By eliminating the need for newly produced roofing materials, we reduce the need for heavy transport and thereby ease environmental stress. Tectorius uses only environmentally friendly products and ensures that the use of solvents and toxins in the materials is kept to a minimum. All colors are water-based acrylic paints for as little negative environmental impact as possible. We work towards a sustainable environment and green growth.



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